Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Making Windows 7 Purrrty

For quite some time now I've wanted some sort of relaxing Windows 7 theme. Maybe one with cats?

But alas, while there is no end to the cat photos online, I was not able to find a themepack that I was comfortable applying to my Windows 7. So I gathered some photos from Google Images. Only one of the photos belongs to me (I didn't want Tilly to be jealous of all the other cats on my laptop), but I apologize because I didn't keep track of the sources for all the image I incorporated. Luckily, I'm just giving this away, and not selling it, so it shouldn't be an issue. I also managed to change my login screen because the default blue-wavy-image drives me nuts. Images below.

If you want to see the other images included, you'll have to download the themepack. If you want to change your login background, this article was very helpful.

I removed all the color form the photos I chose for the themepack. I thought grayscale would keep it simple.

This makes Windows 7 at least a bit more bearable.

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