Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome to WeberShots!

Thanks for stopping by the WeberShots blog! Here you'll find occasional pictures I'd like to share, as well as promotional material (eventually) such as Chrome themes, Windows 7 themes, etc. Anyway, I won't let that be the only (boring) material of my first post, so read on!

Today I went to El Cerrito with Lorice and as we were walking around before visiting Ifshin Violins, we came across these gorgeous, almost unreal-looking, flowers. I have no idea what kind they are, but they were growing on a type of wall-covering vine on someone's front yard fence. I get the feeling this is the kind of flower you'll probably only see near a coast.

Anyway, I am also thoroughly impressed with the quality of photo available by phone cameras these days, but I still wish I had had my Leica with me there.

Thanks to a friend of mine, this flower was identified as a passion flower. It turns out that I was wrong, and this is not necessarily a coastal flower, but is native to areas between South Texas and Mexico.