Thursday, June 7, 2012

MatE 210 Art Project, Spring 2012

I had a materials engineering class this quarter (MatE 210). It is mainly an introduction class, and was run in a very odd fashion. One of the oddities was the presence of art projects in the midst of this class.

For this last art project, we had to produce a piece of art that supported a view of ours, and then discuss some of the materials involved. It at least had that latter point to relate it to materials engineering. We chose to cover a junked bike frame with photos of bamboo and bike life. The message was that if we enjoy the environment so much, we ought to support using renewable materials (such as bamboo) in our construction, especially for objects, such as bikes, with interact with the environment on a daily basis. It may be a little too green for some people's tastes, but it completed the assignment and constructing the bike was fun.

Overall picture of the bike layout; the frame is composed mainly of bamboo shots,
the seat and wheels of action shots. The separation of colors helps define the
different parts of the bike.
A close up of the seat; the action shots are not images I took myself,
but were found by my teammates.
 It isn't the most unique and ambitious art project in the world, but it still was a chance to display some creativity in photography. Below are some of the best of the bamboo shots I took and used on the bike.

A bamboo leaflet sprouting at the base of its adult forms
Base of the bamboo giants
A cut-off bamboo base
Leaves from near the top of the bamboo stem
Looking up into the bamboo
The thicket
The small, purple bud of the bamboo
Hope you enjoyed the photos! I'm not certain yet, but maybe I'll make originals available on my storefront.