Saturday, January 18, 2014

Food: Homemade Potstickers

A couple weeks ago, after deciding that food can be art, too, I posted several meals that had been long overdue. One of them was about potstickers for which I could not take credit. I can, however, take credit for these potstickers.

The problem is, I'm torn whether to take credit for them or not, because, honestly, I wish they were a bit better.
A single, hand-wrapped dumpling
A single container of several dozen dumplings!
Four dumplings sizzling in a small pan
Four cooked dumplings with a side of soy sauce and sesame oil
As usual, the recipe is one adapted. Thanks Betty Crocker. Sorry for botching them! The only changes I made were to use ground turkey instead (I couldn't find ground chicken anywhere that night), added corn to the ingredients, and kept the egg yolk.

I think the amount of ingredients added diluted all the seasonings. They are a little bland, but they are still good. I also have plenty of ingredients left over, which I froze and which my housemate will likely now use in Top Ramen.
All the basic ingredients
All the basic ingredients... stirred until my hands were raw
The remaining ingredients after folding an entire package of wrappers
You might be disappointed in me for saying this, but I think I'm going to stick with Ling Ling Potstickers from Costco. Unfortunately, I think, being German and Scottish void of any Asian descent, I just don't think I have the magic touch...

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