Friday, January 3, 2014

I've Decided that Food is Art

I've been thinking. I have two voices on the internet (well, two that I care about, anyway); I've got this blog, WeberShots, and I've got Thoughts (of a 20-something-year-old engineer). The tag-line for WeberShots, up until this point, has been "A blog of just about anything related to WeberShots or photography." Admittedly, I've been fairly sparse in my postings on either of those two topics.

I excuse myself because I'm a college student, and even if its a year later before I do, I will eventually post on here again. On the flipside, Thoughts has had many a post about various food ventures for this college undergrad, including breaded fish, grape pie, rice-noodle potstickers, pizza-dillas, and banana cinnamon buttermilk pancakes. I'm not saying they don't belong on that blog, but I do want to switch things up for a bit. WeberShots has been emptier not because I've given up photography altogether, but because it has taken a different role in my life as of late.

So I'm going to liven up my WeberShots blog a bit with another form of art: food photography. I'm not going for amazing here, I'm just indulging my tendency to be a foodie. Here are some food items I've failed to post for quite some time, even in my Thoughts. They won't include recipes at this point, but I wanted to share some photos.

Summer Desert: Blackberry, Peach, & Pecan Sweet-Toast

I made this over the summer while I was staying with Sharon & Hugh. As the heading indicates, the recipe included blackberries, peaches, pecans, and, for a lack of better words, some sort of sweet toast they had in their freezer...

Blackberries, peaches, and pecans, after being pan-cooked with
some cinnamon-sugar
Finished product on some sort of pan-toasted dessert bread,
with various "creams" on top
The fruit and nuts were heated together in a pan with some sugar and cinnamon, and the sweet-toast (I wish I could remember what its real name was!) was toasted in another pan. And of course, I had to have vanilla ice-cream (which you can't see) and whipped cream on top.

Saturday Breakfast: French Toast, Bacon, & Mocha

I believe I owe credit to Jesse for the Mocha. But the french toast and bacon? All me. I know its just french toast, but sometimes simplicity is satisfying!

Simple Saturday Happiness, with a little syrup, powdered sugar, and caffeine...
and Bacon

Friends-Gathering Dessert: Egg-Nog Cheesecake, et. al.

This year I made another Egg-Nog Cheesecake with Caramel Rum Sauce. I actually do have this recipe, and it is courtesy of Cast Sugar.

The Egg-Nog Cheesecake with Caramel Rum Sauce is in the lower left
As seen in the photo, we also had some apple pie (nods to Graham), pumpkin pie (nods to Nancy), and some sort of chocolate ice cream (sure, Albertson's, you can have nods, too).

Best Dinner Ever: Homemade Pork Potstickers

I can take NO credit for these whatsoever. I was invited to a friend's apartment on campus to join them in making and eating potstickers. How could I say no?

Simple and satisfying presentation
The saucy and seasoned chopped-pork prepared by Justin
Wrapped and ready to go, thanks to Irene; yes, I did wrap one of those
little pockets of heaven, kind of you to notice!
Justin, the pan will not hurt you, I promise... oh, and thank you
for doing the honors of cooking them up for us!
They complained about not being able to find ground pork, and while I'm sure it probably makes a difference when its ground as to when its cut, these were fantastic. Thanks Justin and Irene! Especially for the pack of potsticker wraps. I will be using them within the week.

Last Night's Dinner: Make Your Own Burgers

Last night I had Tony and Becca over for dinner. Paul was there, too, kind of like a welcome photo-bomber, but with dinner. I grilled burgers (ahem, thank you Clayton for letting me use your grill without asking...) and toasted some sourdough rolls, and you can see the results below.

Thanks goes to Paul for washing and cutting the vegetables;
thanks goes to Tony and Becca for eating with me!
Of course, a burger isn't a burger without lettuce, pickle, bell pepper (am I the only one?), and cheese (specifically pepper-jack). Don't quibble about my condiments, though. It's always going to be mayonnaise. I can't stand ketchup or mustard.

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